Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Update to my schedule

This schedule thing is just something i just need to keep working out till it works, for a lack of a better word.
I guess, what i am finding out is that it doesnt make sense for me to have a gym membership, because i dont really have a chance to go to the gym any more. And i can run with deloris. (yeah, i have started running, i know, all that i say about running, about how i dont like it, but this is for deloris so she can have her excercise)

So, now in the morning, i get up, i check the news while my coffee is making, and i feed deloris, then i drink more coffee, then i suit up and take deloris out. come back, take a shower, drink more coffee, and go to work. I need to start getting up earlier, and going to bed earlier. I think that will be key to my year of productivity.

so those are the changes i am making.

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