Sunday, January 07, 2007

Government Street Grocery

So, i went out last night for a second, and not to the normal Sweets lounge. I went to the government street grocery, down town ocean springs, which turned out to be a good decision. I love sweets, so dont get me wrong in saying this, but it was nice cause i was surrounded by men and women in their late 20's and early 30's. it was really nice. Auburn did even have a bar like this. Ahhhh.... And i hear i can bring deloris in there.

So last night, i decided that although sweets is pretty freakin awesome, it is time i try to find people that are around my own age. I was honestly a bit nervous walking into a new bar all by my self. But after i got a beer(they have a great beer selection) a guy sitting a few seats down from me offered me some boiled peanuts. then some girls sat down with them, and they started talking to me. Then a few guys walked up to the bar to order drinks, and they introduced them selves to me. this is the fastest i have ever met folks. it was awesome. I will probably go back another night next week.

On another note, i was pretty freakin productive yesterday. i woke up real early and got to it. i swept and mopped my entire house. I put away all of my clothes and straightened up my closet, i cleaned my kitchen, i moved my tv to my living room, swept off the porch, i cooked banana bread and vegie soup, took deloris for a long walk, and went to the gym. all before 3:00. but as soon as it hit around 3 i kind of just started getting distracted and started surfing the internet instead of working. maybe it is around then that i need a cup of tea or something, to kind of perk me up. i dunno. anyway, it felt good getting so much crap done.

i am going to work at it today. I woke up a little later today, but i wanna be productive till atleast 6 pm. thats the goal. no messing around until 6pm.

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