Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ehhhgg it is cold yo!

I, brilliant as i am, wore flip flops today. smart..... cause we dont have heat in our office, and it is january. wow, sometimes my intellegence really suprises me.

I now have a couch, and a cushy chair. They were donated to me from my neighbors that moved out. They are both pretty clean, and in good shape, but i imagine that i will be steam cleaning them before my rear end really gets to know them too well.

I finished a big project i was working on for the past several weeks, that kind of feels really good. I am about to start on the new doors for the center. A fun little project.

I was supposed to start working at sweets a few nights a week, but that aint happenin, because the girl i was supposed to replace decided she was going to stay. So, oh well, but i might be getting a roommate for a month or so in Feb. because hands on is kicking out all of their long term volunteers.

The productivity goals are coming along, but i have not become totally productive yet.
I am working towards it. I am adding another goal, to make one thing every week in my own time.

alright. have a good day

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