Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years and Damn the Worlds Gym for making me break my resolution already. And I need a shower!

Happy New Years,
I am about to head over to sweets to get some bbq in a little while and watch a game, while my black eyed peas cook oh so slowly.

So, last night, i came home to my tub being full of water and my toilet not really draining. hmmmm... so i borrowed a plunger from my neighbor, and i went at it. it did not work, so i went and got some liquid plumber, it didnt work. i gave up, and i am calling my realitor tomorrow. ehhh..... my bathroom kind stinks, and so do i.

So, i was going to go work out, and take a shower at Worlds Gym, the gym that has been my shower for the past few months, and they were closed. what kind of gym closes on the day that everyone makes promises to their selves to get into shape. what were they thinking? come on. they have forced all of us to break our resolution to work out every day.

i mean i know it is possible to work out without a gym, and i do, i just wanted a damn shower. i stink. oh well. i will just wait til tomorrow morning to smell better.

anyway, I have spent most of the day making greens and black eyed peas. I did spend a little time working on that chair right there below. It has so much potential, but just what to do with it is the hard part. I am working on it. I have tried two things, and they did not work, so i am working on another idea.

Well, off to sweets for some lunch.

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