Monday, November 16, 2009

An afternoon bowling and a relaxing evening around a fire

Almost every Sunday, James goes bowling with Tony. This has been going on for quite some time. James and Tony became friends about 12 years ago when James was coaching sailing in the Special Olympics. Since then, they have been best friends, and talk almost daily.

A week after I met James, he invited me to go bowling with them. It was such a treat, and Tony amazed me with his score of 158. I was just trying to break 100.

Well, while not being able to make it all weeks, I have gone several times, and my score has improved.
I actually thought I was going to win that game because both Tony and James were not on their game, and I was doing rally well to begin with. Tony pulled ahead in the last few frames, and beat me.

I was happy to still beat James in this round. It was my closest chance of the day. I think James and Tony just needed to warm up, where as I was using all of my luck up in the first game.

James and I ended our day sitting around a campfire with some friends. It was a perfect Sunday to end a great weekend.

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