Sunday, November 29, 2009

War Eagle! and a new Auburn fan!

Friday morning, we woke up early and I helped Momma make turkey enchiladas with the left over turkey. We were making them to take to the tailgate parties that were going to be taking place later on during the day.

It was the day of the Iron Bowl, the most anticipated day in Alabama. Christmas and thanksgiving hold nothing on this day. For those of you that dont know, people in Alabama are born loving a team, Auburn or Alabama. I was given Auburn. If you move to the state, people will make you decide who you love. If you are visiting, you had better pick a team quickly and wisely.

James learned quickly that he needed to become an Auburn fan, so we found him a shirt, I gave him my hat, and mom fixed him up with a scarf.

We rode our bikes from my momma's office to our friends' tailgating spot. We parked our bikes by this appropriate sign.

We headed to the tiger walk where we got to greet all of the players and coaches, and give high fives, and promptly used the hand sanitizer we had in the backpack. We headed to several tail gate parties, where we were greeted with beer and meat, and made our way to the Ale House/strutting Duck, where we watched the game.

Oh what a great game it was. Auburn started off the first quarter 14-0 with fancy plays such as an onside kick, a flea flicker, and a few wild cats! it was so much fun. Then they began to play a conservative game for the rest of the show. Although the final score was 26-21, Alabama, we were proud that Auburn played so well against the nationally ranked #2 Alabama!

WAR EAGLE!!!! And that brings up another point, James learned that War Eagle is an accepted greeting in the Auburn area. James said it to everyone he passed. He still really hasnt stopped saying it. I am so proud of my new Auburn Fan!

After all of the excitement was over, we biked back to momma's office to load up our bikes. James leaned his bike here while we waited for it to cool down. We couldn't miss how appropriate the sign was!

well... that is it for now. WAR EAGLE!

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