Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Zenor Family time and Shrimp too!

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. I have been super busy, and although I cannot catch up with everything, I am going to post a few things that have happened in the month of October.

One was that my Cousins Kathleen and Becky and my Aunt Marie from Texas decided to come to Auburn for a visit. This got my brothers and their wives and kids to also come to Auburn. Well, I couldn't miss this. I got in my car and drove home, with 12 lbs of huge shrimp in the cooler and my dog in the back seat.

I arrived at my mom's house, had a beer, and because I was extremely tired, I went to bed pretty quickly.

Saturday morning, I woke up, hung out with my mom for a while, worked on some knitting, and went to Dads to begin the Zenor Family Time!

It was so good to see everyone. I have not seen my aunt or cousins in several years.

Above are a bunch of Zenor! From left to right starting at the top, Becky, Me, Lee, Kathleen, John, Marie, Eli, Abby, Dad, and Annie.

Below, are Me, My brothers and my Dad!

I got to show off my cooking skills for the Zenors, which for some unknown reason they have never experienced. I made a shrimp boil. It turned out pretty yummy and was my first time ever making it.

I should do this again soon! I love shrimp! It is super yummy!

One of the highlights was getting to go through a bunch of old family pictures, and by old I didnt know most of the people who were in the photos. Soon, I will post some of the photos I got from that weekend, ones that my Grandpa took.

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