Monday, November 16, 2009

A boat ride and Ship Island

During my dad's visit, we did more than just eat BBQ and watch blues bands. We did do some more eating though.

We started the day with coffee, and headed for Phonecia for breakfast. I got eggs, asiago grits, and a short stack with their beautiful blackberry syrup. Dad got the western omelet, which is amazing, asiago grits and the short stack with some of that amazing syrup.

Then we headed for the farmers market, and walked around town. I got a sack of satsumas. By this time, around9:30, Dad was ready for a nap, but I had one more stop to make before we headed home. See, James called, and offered to take us out to ship island, but I had to make the lunch. So dad and I went to the grocery store, picked up the supplies and then headed home. While dad napped with the little chihuahua Isabella, I assembled our lunch of turkey sandwiches, beer, soda, satsumas and zapps.

We met James and the rest of the crew, Tim and Donna, at the yacht club and headed out. We ate lunch at Ft. Massachusetts(which was not really open at the time, but thankfully we could all crawl through one of the windows) , and wondered around the island. We found so many shells and sea things. On the way back we stopped at the Biloxi Yacht club and then back to the Ocean Springs Yacht Club for dinner. Then we headed to Ben and Dawn's for a little time around the fire, and when it seemed like it was Midnight, but was actually 7:30 we headed back to my house and crashed out!

Below are some pictures of our day!

Dad on the boat.

James Driving the boat and Tim and Donna behind him.

Ft. Massachusetts

A crab that wasn't to happy to see us

Some fishermen and Deer Island

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Melissa Foster Denney said...

Great Photographs! Your dad looks GREAT!