Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Day!

When the Thanksgiving plans started to come together, it promised to be relaxing, food filled and full of things to do. I talked James into jumping in my car and we headed north to the great state of Alabama.

We arrived in Auburn pretty late, around 9:30 or so and decided to get a drink before we headed to the house. We stopped at the Oyster Bar for a few minutes, but it was too bright for our tired, road dizzied eyes, so we ended up going to Fat Daddies, a darker, more down home place.

Although that bar is usually pretty countrified, that night was karaoke night, and I guess when the locals get the opportunity, they like to sing the Raps. We walked into Sir Mix-a-lot's Big Butts song, and ordered our drinks. We walked the edge of the bar looking at the hubcaps and James was able to name all of their respective cars. We headed home after that drink, because we were worn out from a long day.

Early Thursday morning, we got a cup of coffee, and started work on the famous Jessie James Outlaw Cheescake, version 2.0. On James' insistence we made the crust double thick. While we were waiting for the crust to chill, I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits and bacon served with a clementine! After eating, we got back to cooking, James running the KitchenAid, and armed with a spatula, and me working to get all of the ingredients into the bowls. We whipped it up, poured it into the spring form, and it was in the oven.

I helped momma with some more choppin, pulled the cheesecake out, and James and I went into town where I showed him the sites. We walked by one of the tailgate spots, and spotted my friend Leigh, who gave James the Third Degree on what team he was for, so we immediately headed for Stamp to get him an Auburn shirt.

It was time for thanksgiving dinner, so we headed to Beauregard for the feast! The attendees of the feast were Al, Mom, Atilla, Peter and Jim. Atilla and Peter were from Hungry, and were working with Al to open the new plant. They wanted to see a real american thanksgiving before they left to go home, and we were aimin to show em one. There were two turkeys, one fried and one smoked, a brussle sprout casserole, mash potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing, and a giant salad. For desert there was a cranberry sorbet and the jessie james outlaw cheescake. while we were waiting for the food to be fit for eatin, Al showed the Hungarians how to shoot shotguns, and James let them ride his motorized bike.

Below are some pictures from the thanksgiving dinner.

Al carving one of the turkeys and mom opening a bottle of wine.

Peter and Atilla

Peter, Jim, Atilla and the two turkeys

The Feast

James found the man chair and wasnt moving.

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