Monday, November 16, 2009

Dad Arrives and Dinner at the Shed

My Dad came to visit me for the first time in my new house. I think he was shocked that I wasn't making him sleep on the couch, but instead, he had a guest bed to sleep in.

Once he got settled into Mississippi (had a beer and some hummus, and said hello to Deloris) we headed for the Shed for some BBQ, friends and music.

Dad and I both got the beef brisket and we got a pitcher of the Lazy Magnolia Beer, and headed outside to find a spot to spend the rest of the evening. There is a great fire pit, but all of the seats around the fire pit were already taken so we found our seat out at a pick nick table near the stage.

The Shed has the best BBQ on the coast. In addition to the yummy meat, on the weekends they have great music on their outdoor stage. Ft. Bayou Slim was playing and my friend James played with them.

It was a fun night, and I was glad Dad got to meet my friends and see how I spend some of my Friday nights.

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