Friday, September 25, 2009

The Meal Plan is Back!!!!! oh and Grapefruit Cupcakes!

IWhen I lived in Starkville, it was hard to cook because I was cooking for my self. I would do it, but i was a bit uninspired. There is something so delightful about cooking for others. I would cook for my few friends every once in a while, but, for the most part, it was just me. Then.... one of my friend's came up with the idea that i cook for them and they give me some money. Another friend found out about this, and he just happened to be an owner in a bar, and he wanted in too, although his trade was beer. It worked out great. I could generally end up paying very little for my food, and get all the beer I wanted. It was amazing! This deal ended when I moved to the coast.

For three years, I have been cooking for my self or cooking for my friends.... well, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine was complaining about the food choices at lunch, and how expensive it was, and greasy it was, and how it didn't really taste that good, and it put him and his work crew into comas.

I suggested they pack their lunch. They in the typical manly fashion, admitted that they would probably never do that. This discussion (complaining) went on for the last several weeks. Finally I mentioned that I would pack their lunch if they bought all of the food including the food for my lunch. They were extatic, and I was too seeing as how my budget is super tight and my lunches as of lately have been less than beautiful. So today was my second day.

The first day I made porkchop sandwiches, caramelized onions, feta, roasted red peppers, and baby greens on a baguette. I also packed some fresh fruit, 3 cans of arizona tea, a bottle of hot sauce and a bag of zapps. That was a winner. All three of them were happy.

Today I made Turkey Sandwiches with swiss, avocado, tomato, and baby greens on toasted whole wheat bread. I packed zapps chips, and Grapefruit cupcakes that I made from scratch last night.

When my friend came and picked up the lunch this morning, I gave him a breakfast cupcake with his coffee and he loved it. I was supprised, because he hasn't really liked the real citrusy things I have made, but these he did. He took another for the road.

That is my lunch, I decided against the chips for me and went with oranges.

The cupcakes were another recommendation from my friend Casie. Here is the recipe.

Oh my goodness. They were so light and refreshing. Perfect for this crazy hot weather we have been having.

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Courtney C said...

Lunch is my favorite meal and this is the coolest way to share your fun, tasty lunches with everyone. Fantastic idea!