Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh, I labored!

I went into this weekend without any big plans, or expectations, only to relax and be out side as much as possible. Well, I think I accomplished it.

Friday night, I rode to a friend's house on my bike, and we sat out side the entire evening sitting on the front porch, talking and drinking. Saturday morning, a friend and I watched Spinal Tap then to brunch at Phoenecia's then headed for the art walk. I didnt buy anything, because I dont have any spare money at the moment, but I sure did want to. I got to see an old family friend Tazwell who was showing his art downtown. We rode bikes all day long. I dont recount all of the places we went, but we went just about everywhere, ending the evening at the Grocery.

Sunday I was moving a little slow. My body was depleted from the riding around all day, but it was happy. I woke up, and made my self some oatmeal with dried cranberries, and walnuts, and did some house work. One of my friend came over and we watched the first disk of Always Sunny in Philiadelphia, which is a show that I am now addicted to.

I had a pork tenderloin in my freezer, and wanted to make a pot roast. I called my dad and on his instruction, I browned the pork roast then put it into a borrowed crockpot with turnips, potatoes, carrots, fresh thyme from my garden, garlic, salt and pepper. We left the house after two and a half hours of watching that funny show, and headed out on the bikes again. We went to his house and set up a structure to cover his boat. Then we rode our bikes to a friends house for more porch sitting. When we felt that we had sat on the porch long enough, we went back to my house and ate some of the pork roast. It was great. It was really the first time I had cooked anything in a crock pot. I am not sure that I am the biggest fan of cooking this way, I really love the labor of cooking, but it seems great when I want to just leave some food to do its stuff while I go off on an adventure.

Monday, I helped my friend work in the yard. My roommate loves working in the yard, and generally has all of the yard work done, before I can even think about firing up the mower. I also love working in the yard, and so when my friend said he needed to get some done, I was quick to offer up my help. We mowed his lawn, and weed-eated, and planted a few plants. My legs were worn out after riding all weekend, and pushing the lawnmower. I was not going to pedal another block that weekend. So after I got cleaned up, I met up with some friends, via a car and spent the last few hours of the Labor Day holiday relaxing.

I could not have asked for a better weekend, one where I cooked, rode my bike, spent a lot of time with friends, saw old friends, saw art, watched movies, and worked out side until I was worn out.

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