Thursday, September 03, 2009

My First Pork Roast.

So, sorry, I dont have pictures of my first ever pork roast. I had all intentions on making a good photo, but I didnt. I was entirely too hungry when it came out of the oven Tuesday. I had also been waiting for it for a whole day, the time it need to marinate, and I had no more patience, so once the 15 minute resting period after pulling it out of the oven was done, I got to eating. I ate it with a salad and some aromatic rice.

I asked for many hints and tips for making this roast from folks that cook meat a lot, and here is what I got.

Get a meat thermometer! this is a must when cooking meat, or you will over cook it

Pull it out when the themometer reads 5degrees below where it needs to be when it is done. So I pulled it out when it was at 155, because it needed to get to 160.

Another thing I learned was that you should brown the meat in a super hot skillet before you roast it, but it doesnt work with this recipe because the rub started to come off onto the skillet, so dont do that with this recipe. But do it with other pork roast recipes, and especially when they have a dry rub, because it really toasts the seasoning.

Last and final, is don't go to Winn-Dixie when you are looking for a 4 lb pork tenderloin, they only go up to 2 lbs. This turned out to be the perfect size for me, because I was the only one eating it, and it lasted me all week, but I was also glad that I had a meat thermometer in this case, because the cooking time was different.

So the review of the meat.
It was good! really good. I used peppers from my friend Al's garden, and they were not as hot as I had expected, so the roast wasn't as spicy as I would have liked it, but it was good! It was moist, and rich.

For two days of lunch, I bought some fresh bread from Le Bakery here in Biloxi, and made poboys out of it. One day I used Louisiana hot sauce, and the second I used Tabasco. Louisiana is generally my favorite hot sauce there is, but with the heavy allspice in the rub, I think that the Tabasco went better.

So here is the Recipe for Jerk Pork Roast.


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