Sunday, July 15, 2007

Roy Jones Fight and Americorps Olympics

Yesterday was a pretty packed out exciting day to say the least.

Yesterday morning, i straightened up my apartment because my momma was coming. I know... this is not the exiting part of the day.

So Momma and her boyfriend Al came around lunch time and we headed up to Toronto's Boiler for some shrimp and crab. Mmmmm.. the shrimp were so good. They were big and plump and easy to peel and spicy. The crab looked good, but i was too busy eating my shrimp to notice.

We headed to John Henry Beck Park in Biloxi to watch the Americorps Olympics. I was supposed to be a judge, but they ended up not needing me, which was a good thing, because i could hang out with mom and al.

The Olympics were pretty entertaining. Not so much the actual olympics, i mean, they were ok, but the costumes were where it was at.

Erin and the Blue Surge!
The Yellow team aka Slippery When Wet

Marge of the Silver Stampede

Sarah of the Purple Rain and the GCCDS! Represent!

So after we were at the Americorps Olympics for a while we headed back home to get gussied up. Why? you might ask. Well we had a Boxing Match to go to. But before we could head off to see Roy Jones Jr. and Tony "the Tiger" Henshaw, we had to stop by Sweets. Said hello to everyone, had a beer, and headed off.

We got there at 5:30 to pick up our tickets. We went in side, found or seats, and found the concession stands. The first fight between ponytail and lightning(that is what we will call them, because i cant remember their names) was suprisingly a really good fight. THe following fights were a bit lame, but then came the main event!!!!


So, Jones stayed pinned against the ropes for more than half of the fight and he still managed to win. This was a bit weird, but i guess he did throw the most power punches. Still Hensha definitely controlled the fight forcing Jones to spend his time and energy blocking. Anyway, it was a good fight, there was a lot of energy in the ring, Henshaw is going to be a good boxer.

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