Thursday, July 26, 2007

24 hours of old friends and counting

momma walking smudge

I have had a wonderful last 24 hours. I have printed an order of banana bread shirts and got those out which always feels wonderful. But it gets better than that.

I have spent the last few days livin up the auburn crowd. I have seen a lot of people that i love, that i miss.
I went by school and saw a professor of mine who i hold very dear to my heart.

momma and smudge junior

momma's front porch



and of course the ink...
and then i hung out with my friend Bliar. He lives in Japan. He is just here right now visiting his family, and he happened to be in auburn!!!!

so... i am at the printshop right now, waiting for my screens to dry, and i will be printing. Once i print all of my shirts, i will be heading to Atlanta to see my friends Abby, Gabby, and Keefe!
then i come back here and i am hanging out with my friend Brian, who i just happened to run into at the post office!!!!!! yeah! good times!

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