Saturday, July 07, 2007

my new clothes line!

I have been wanting a clothes line for a long time. I love hanging my clothes out to dry instead of sticking them in the dryer. A)there is some thing relaxing about it, B) clothes smell good, C) it is better for the clothes, D) lower energy costs. E) in the summer it is quicker than throwing them in the drier.

That being said, I was up at sweets one night, talking about wanting to make a clothes line. Well, Rick, one of the customers said he had some galvanized poles that i could have. he said he had 3 of them. So, that was the kicker of making my dream of having a clothes line a reality.

i wanted to make my clothes line poles look like people, but christine and sarah said that was probably not a good idea, because it sounded like i was going to make crucified jesus's. I figured they were right, so i would just stick the poles in the ground like a normal person would.

Rick dropped off the poles early this past week, and yesterday, i had to go to lowes for work, so i went ahead and and bought the eye bolts, the washers, a big enough drill bit, and some quick-crete.

I started this morning, drilling the holes in the posts, and assembling the hardware, and digging the holes, then it got hot, and with my celebration of the working women's holiday, i wasnt feeling good, and needed to sit in the cool for a little while. So i did.

i went back out there and mixed up the concrete and poured it.

The whole thing was surprisingly quicker than i thought it would be, and that kind of excites me.

The other thing that excites me is that tomorrow, weather permitting, i am going to hang my clothes out side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the sun made this picture come out funny. It is the only picture i took that shows the three posts. ooops..

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