Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summary of Day 1 of Vacation

Yesterday morning i woke up and prepared my home for a bombing of fleas. This is not an enjoyable activity i must say. I had to pull all of my dishes out of my cabinets, all of my food in plastic bags, and cover up everything. That took me about 4 hours, getting everything ready. Then i loaded Deloris up in the car along with my stuff for my trip, and we got on the road.
so, summing up yesterday morning... miserable

The ride home was nice. It was definitely pleasant. I really enjoy driving and there was something really nice about watching the landscape change from coastal to what ever the east alabama landscape is called, but it is different. It also gave me a chance to think about a lot of stuff going on in my life. I have been so busy over the last week, that i have not been able to process anything, so that was nice and some what stress relieving.

I stopped by mammoth to tell everyone hello and give them a warning of my arrival. I will be working there today. Mammoth has moved into this huge building. I mean, it is gigantic. completely insanely big. Our old building was small, but i never realized how much space we needed. But it was nice to see everyone. I miss Mammoth a whole lot. It may be one of the biggest things i miss about auburn, besides my family, and of course, my kitties, Smudge and Smudge Jr.

Anyway, i went to Dudley Hall after i left mammoth, and walked around looking at projects, talking to folks. That was nice. I am going back today to meet up with Behzad.

I finally made it home. Jr. and Smudge greeted me. Smudge, who is extremely good at holding grudges, said hello, and then took off. This made it hard, because i needed to catch her. She knows how not to get shut up in a room. It took me about 5 minutes of running around to catch her. Jr., about 5 seconds.

Sorry.. i just realized how rambly this is getting. i will speed it up

I got Deloris in, stole a Heine light from my mom, and sat out on the front porch. Mom and i went to bar51, a cheesy new bar in auburn that trys to be south beach cool. No, that is unfair, but it is a little out dated to be the thing. it is aimed at not college students, but that is not gonna happen. they don't treat you like an adult there anyway. You have to give them your credit card to open a tab... what kind of adult bar is that? They do have these pretty bad ass lights, and there are some other nice moves that the architect/part owner made, but eh. I would rather be at the grocery. They are going to start serving tapas soon, and that might make the place better.

After we left Bar51, which i don't think i mentioned is in a strip mall by the interstate, (goodness, i need to stop being so mean) We haded for buffalows, down town for dinner. Then headed out to the duck, then we headed home.

Mom and i sat out side on the porch and looked at magazines and books. It was a nice evening. Now, for me, off to the porch for a little while with a book, and coffee.

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