Thursday, July 19, 2007

A long day

So, it has been a long day, but super productive. i am making the final adjustments and drawings for Myra's house. I have to get that done and out by the time i leave for vacation.

We also had a pretty exciting meeting today in the office. We did our normal reports about what we were working on and where we were in those projects, but David began discussing formally where we were headed as an office. It is pretty exciting. We are going to start working with new building systems, exploring those, like the insulated concrete forms and sips panels and what not. So that is super exciting. Right now we are just going to be learning as much as we can about those building systems.

We are also going to really start getting into larger community projects, like mixed use and stuff. More exciting!

We as an office are going to continue working on the Rosetti house that sergio palleroni and brian bell's group started. I mean physically working. so, again exciting. Looking for the upcoming months here in the office.

Alright, well i have been posting a lot of old pictures on my flickr! go check them out.

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