Wednesday, July 18, 2007

me, running, shape, and overall health

me after today's run.... all sweaty and nasty and refreshed!

So i have been running for about 6 months. I don't run very far, but i am glad i am getting the exercise. I have never been a skinny one, but i think this is the best shape i have been in in a long time, maybe since i was an 8 year old in every sport possible. the regular exercise has been doing my body some good. I have never exercised on a regular basis like this, and i like it. Of course Deloris is keeping me motivated, because if i don't take her on a run or a walk she will drive me nuts with her excess of puppy energy.

me after today's run.... all sweaty and nasty and refreshed! I guess i am gettin a little smaller here and there.

So, on top of me getting a little smaller, i have also really gotten addicted to the feeling that comes along with running, or vigorous exercise. I love the feeling when i get home, when i am hot, sticky, a little exhausted and refreshed and full of oxygen. So this is what i look like after 8 months on the coast and 6 months of running.

My diet has also improved since i have gotten here. i have been eating a lot of fruit and veggies, and less bread and pasta. I have been eating less fast food, and more boiled shrimp, which is about $5.99 a pound boiled, and about the same price as anything you can get from a fast food place.

So the coast has been pretty good for my health for the most part. the only down side is that everything social down here generally happens in a bar, besides the Hands On stuff, but that is a 30 minute drive for me, so i dont end up doing that too often.

so my health status: better than ever.

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