Monday, July 23, 2007

Beginning My Vacation

So, I am beginning my vacation tomorrow morning. And i say tomorrow morning, because i have a bit to do to prepare for it tonight.

I am trying to get Myra's house to permit, which i am super close to. I have finished it, i am just making last minute corrections. I did my shear wall calculations today. This was the first time i have done this, and it seemed a bit more daunting than it actually was. It is weird how i can get caught up on certain things, when i am intimidated by them, but i always feel really good when i actually overcome those inhibitions and just do it. Wall sections used to do that to me, now i feel i can handle those pretty well. And as of today, i can do shear wall calculations.

I was supposed to head out of town yesterday morning, but it seemed silly to leave Myra's house waiting to go to the permit office, just so i could have an extra 2 days of vacation. Ultimately, in the end those two days will not matter to me, but i think the extra week and 2 days would matter a little more to Myra and her family. And it feels good to finish the house, and to conquer the battle of the shear wall, and to have a house go to permit. It feels good to have it done, and to be able to leave with something off of my plate, and to come back to a whole new project. And as silly as it may sound, it feels really good to work all weekend, really hard and very focused on something.

So, i am home now finishing up all of the changes. Deloris thought she would help me.

So. Yeah. Back to work, so i can head to Alabama tomorrow!

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