Saturday, July 28, 2007

more people i love

I have just gotten back to auburn from atlanta. oh what a fun trip that was. Man. Probably not the best on my liver, but you know.... So here are the people i went to see in Atlanta. I heart them so much and miss them dearly.

My Sweet Gabby! This is her at El Myr for lunch yesterday! mmmm... burritos. I stayed with her and her boyfriend Armando who was sick and their 3 kitties, Ashford, Cleo, and Hyka. Gabby was the best of hosts as always, and she showed me a freakin great time, as always. I miss my gabby!

This is Miss Abby! She is another love of my life. Hell, all of these people here are loves of my life. Abby is awesome. We talked about cooking, and puppies, and tshirts, and photographs.

This is Keefe. He is my official Cobra Cupcake. I am so thankful for having him as a friend. He helps keep me sane for sure.

And finally an old friend Jamie. It was really good to see him. He was as sweet as i remembered. I have not seen jamie for probably 5 years or so. He even offered to make me cinnamon toast today. I should have taken him up on it!

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